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Social Science Environmental Student Association


Social Science Environment Student Association (SSESA) is the student union group at the social science faculty at Gothenburg University, Sweden, that besides their studies, have an interest in sustainable development. Our aim is to conjoin the studies at Campus Haga with lectures, events, travels, activities etc. which concern sustainability on all levels: environmental, economic, and social.

Want to get involved? SSESA has a large network and can help you as a student to start a project or welcome you to be part of an ongoing project within SSESA. As long as sustainable development is the goal, it can be done. We welcome you to join either as a member or you can apply to be a board member.

We welcome all students at the social science faculty of the University of Gotheburg to join our board. We at SSESA are convinced that sustainable development is relevant for all study programs.

If you would like to support SSESA but don't study at the social science faculty or have the time to be an board member - please support us by being a supportive member. Fill in document below and you will become part of our emailing list where we will occasionally email you about our coming events.


Contact Us

Interested in becoming a member or simply have questions about Social Science Environment Student Association? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.
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